Dog dumped in Redlands after her owner believed she carried COVID19 virus

UPDATE: We are happy to report Daisy just went home with a wonderful family and a new fur friend.

A dog was dumped in the Redlands of Florida, but luckily was found by an animal rescuer on Sunday. Tragically, she has become a victim of the times.

According to the Cape Coral Animal Shelter, Daisy had a microchip, but when her owner was notified admitted to having abandoned her because he believed she could be a carrier of the COVID-19 virus. Despite explaining to Daisy’s owner, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest dogs can carry the virus, the man surrendered ownership of the dog to the shelter.

Randall SchoonoverDaisy is a dream of a dog! She is very affectionate and full of love, which already is a huge testament of pawsitivity, despite her history. Her heart is open to a new family, a new life!”

Daisy is very happy at the shelter, but she needs a new home. Check out those ears!

Interested in meeting Daisy? Maybe you’re interested in a smaller new canine pal? What better time to make friends while we are mostly all confined to our homes?

To learn more about how you can help, how you can foster, donate or adopt, the information below is provided for your convenience:

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