Dog dumped in Rubbermaid bucket and left on side of Texas road

On a lonely windy road, an emaciated dog was dumped in a blue Rubbermaid bucket off of Dowdy Ferry Road in Dallas; she is not only skinny but scared and full of mange. The remote stretch of wilderness in southeastern Dallas has been a popular dumping ground for old tires, garbage and dogs their owners no longer seem to want.

“This is where we started rescuing it is as if we just went back to the beginning where thousands of strays roamed the streets, dead animal dumped and loose animals roamed,” posted the rescue group Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Rehab on their Facebook page Thursday morning along with heartbreaking photos of an innocent victim of cruelty and neglect.

The dog was picked up by Animal Control and will be rescued by Dallas Dog RRR and picked up on Friday. Her photos tell her story. A foster home is needed. Anyone interested in helping is asked to contact the rescue immediately.

Many thanks to the volunteers who patrol the neighborhoods and find these poor souls. Who will be her hero?

Donations are also needed. Please click here to help:

You can donate at
Venmo @Dallas-DogRRR

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