Dog found swimming four miles from shore on Lake Michigan

On Friday, a family enjoying a day of boating on Lake Michigan made a surprising discovery. As reported by Wood TV, on Friday, Jeanie Wilcox and her family were on a boat trip when they spotted something swimming far from shore.

Wilcox tells the news agency of her surprise:

“I see this red animal in the lake and I started screaming, ‘Dog in the water!’”

The wayward pooch was plucked from the water, where she may have been swimming for over an hour. The dog was wet, tired and scared, but otherwise in good shape. After traveling another four hours, the family was able to get the dog scanned for a microchip. Not only did she have one, but it led back to her family.

Wilcox is happy that all ended well for the lost pup, telling the news agency:

“I just hope that if this was my dog, somebody would do the same for me. I would just be very grateful, happy because I know how rough Lake Michigan can be.”

(Image via screenshot Wood TV)

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