Dog has been at shelter for 6 years found running after her owners after being dumped

In Orland, California, Missy has been waiting for a home for six years at the Town and County Humane Society. Sadly, she had been dumped by her owner on the side of the road; she ran after the truck that left her until she couldn’t run anymore. When found, she had a note around her neck asking someone to take care of her, find her a good home and added that Missy was a very good girl.

And now she still waits at the shelter – yes six years later, and now we ask animal advocates on social media to help us find a home for this sweet dog. She is about eight-years-old which is nearly 75 % of her entire life spent in a shelter cage.

Missy’s advocate describes her:

“She loves people, loves to hike, adores being a couch potato! She is also a very quiet dog, barking only when necessary. She is affectionate and gentle, however she must be the only dog in a home… she is reactive with other dogs…”

Missy likes cat, but not in a good way, so no cats at her new home either. She does, however love people and has never shown any reactivity towards people.

“She absolutely loves to ride shotgun in a truck. The last time she was able to sneak past one of the kennel workers, she was having the zoomies out in the yard, so we opened up the truck door and she ran over and jumped in. It took us twenty minutes to be able to get her out of the truck, even with a leash on, we could not pull her out!”

Missy is a very sweet old girl; only barking when someone shows up. She doesn’t care too much for balls, but she loves to either go for a hike or be a couch potato; she seems to be good at doing both.

This pup needs an experienced owner who has the time, patience and can demonstrate a responsible manner with her, while giving her the love and reassurance she needs to live out the rest of her life in a happy home.

If you are interested in her please send me message, or you can find out more about her on Petfinders, or on our Facebook page. #OTCHSMissyupdates…/town-country-humane-society-ca…/

You can find an application at:

Call: 530.517.1754 or email to make an appointment to meet Missy. Please share her story with friends, family and social media contacts. It only takes one special person to see her photos, read her heartbreaking story and fall in love.

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