Dog helped save owner’s life, now she is fighting to save him after he was injured by car

Just over a year ago, a woman named Skyee tried to take her own life after years of struggling with debilitating depression. But Skyee survived, and shortly thereafter, fate intervened and placed a tiny pup in her life. The three-week-old mixed breed dog, named Choco, had been rejected by his mother, and Skyee stepped in where the mother dog left off.

Skyee tells the Pet Rescue Report about their bond,

He saves my life every single day and gives me a reason to keep going. I can’t imagine a day without him.

But right now, Skyee is faced with the prospect of losing her beloved dog. On Sunday, Choco was hit by a car while roaming his family’s country property. The driver left without helping, and Choco sustained horrible injuries.

The young dog’s lungs are badly bruised and collapsed from the impact – he also sustained nerve damage to his legs. Choco is currently hospitalized at the Veterinary Emergency’s and Specialty Hospital of Witchita, Kansas, and Skyee is struggling to cover the expenses.

Skyee has already used up her savings and she cannot wrap her head around the thought that money could be what stands between her dog’s life, and his death.

She said:

I truly just need help to save him like he does for me every single day.

Anyone interested in helping cover Choco’s veterinary costs can donate via this fundraiser, or directly to the veterinary hospital at 316 262 5321. If you phone the veterinary hospital, please indicate that the funds are for Choco (Skyee Elizabeth).

Note: Skyee is moving to her parents home (which has a fully fenced yard) to ensure that Choco has a safe place to recover from his injuries.

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