Dog in Baltimore rescued from 30 feet deep garbage incinerator

In Baltimore, a front-end loader operator rescued a severely injured dog after the animal fell 30 feet into a garbage incinerator. Earlier in the week, the Baltimore City Animal Control responded to a call from the city’s incinerator facility reporting a dog had been found on the main dumping floor after he fell out of a dumpster.

The dog, now named Donut, had not been noticed amid the huge piles of trash. A worker stopped his machine and jumped into the trash to save the dog reported Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. The operator of the machine found Donut alive, but the dog was unable to stand. The man picked up the dog and brought him to safety.

By the time Animal Control officers arrived, Donut was safe and resting on towels.

 ” Donut was rushed to BARCS where our veterinarian team examined him. It was clear that Donut not only went through the terrifying events of the morning and whatever led up to him being in that dumpster but that he had also been lacking care for quite some time.

While Donut physically looked like he was too far gone, he showed us that he still had hope by wagging his tail and trying to move his face close to ours for comfort. Everyone who helped him Monday morning keeps talking about how all Donut wants to do is give kisses. Donut was only at our shelter briefly before being rushed to a partnering Franky Fund clinic ER, where he is currently being treated.”

Donut’s injuries were both consistent with his fall from the dumpster, but he also had bite wounds believed to have occurred before the fall. His front legs are injured and he is not able to walk. He remains under emergency care and will likely need surgery.

“We don’t know what events led up to Donut being in the public dumpsters that were transported to the waste-to-energy facility. Could someone have purposely thrown him away in the dumpsters? Or did he wander or fall into the dumpsters on his own? We can’t know for sure. but whatever the circumstance, sweet Donut is now safe—and very lucky to be alive.”


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Get well soon Donut.

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