Dog left muzzled and tied to tree with note owner needed to help his mom

A beautiful dog was left muzzled and tied to a tree in central Florida after having been abandoned by his owner on Thursday evening. The Pittie Party of Central Florida, a non profit rescue organization, has stepped up to help with this heartbreaking but disturbing situation.

Check out the video:

According to the rescue group, a citizen called the rescue reporting the dog had been left tied to a tree with a simple note stating the owner was going to California to help his mother during the coronavirus pandemic. The dog’s mouth had been bound with a muzzle even though he appeared to be very friendly.

“Unbelievable!!!! I can hardly even find the words to write about this. THIS is what is wrong with society. THIS is proof that humans are the problem. In a world currently filled with so much uncertainty, this is the lowest of low. While we empathize with the toll this pandemic is taking on humans right now, this is unforgivable,” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page.

Lincoln is safe at the rescue, and once the legalities are worked out, he will be made available for adoption. He appears to be dog friendly but does not do well around cats.

If interested in giving this boy a home or donating to help,  please contact The Pittie Party of Central Florida.

Many thanks  to the heroes helping those who cannot speak.

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