Dog left on side of road with dogfood bag watches for his owner to return

Two Good Samaritans couldn’t believe their eyes late last week when they spotted a dog on the side of the road along CR 20 in Corunna, Indiana. The dog was just sitting there as if he was waiting for his owner to come and pick him up; a bag of dogfood left by his side.

“Luckily a very nice woman and other man driving both saw him at the same time and stopped, couldn’t believe someone could do something like this … it’s just heartbreaking! He keeps looking for his owner out the shelter window,” volunteers at the DeKalb Humane Society posted on their Facebook page.

No one knows his name; what a sad thing it would be for this loyal pup to have lost his real identity. If anyone recognizes him, please contact the shelter.

If this boy was abandoned on purpose, please think first before just dropping your pet off on the side of the road. There are shelters and rescues who will help.

If interested in adopting this pup or recognize him, please contact the DeKalb Humane Society.

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