Dog named Jesus rescued from drowning in lake on Good Friday

On Good Friday, a dog named Jesus nearly drowned in a freezing lake Sutton Park in West Midlands, United Kingdom. The four-year-old Staffordshire mix had been adopted by his family three years ago on Good Friday – thus the name Jesus.

According to the Twitter account of the West Midlands Fire Service, however, the dog had been in the lake for nearly a half-hour and he was so tired from paddling to stay afloat, he began to sink under the water. A decision was made by the fire company to go into the lake and rescue the terrier.

Crews equipped themselves with a ladder and flotation device to rescue Jesus, and more than 100 onlookers were there to see the dog saved; all within five minutes. And so the rescue was indeed “unusual” as the fire rescue Commander Nigel Cox tweeted out the following:

 “Crews from @SuttonCfld_Fire have rescued a dog from a lake in Sutton Park.

“The dog was called (and this is no joke) Jesus, he was rescued on Good Friday by crews using a triple extension ladder and personal flotation device. #happyEaster2019”

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

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