Dog put down in South Carolina may have contracted Covid-19 from owner

A dog in South Carolina may have contracted Covid-19 from its owner, reports Fox News. In July, the eight-to-nine-year-old shepherd mix was tested for the virus after one a veterinarian learned that one of his owners had tested positive for the virus.

Though the dog did test positive for the virus, it was a chronic health issue that ultimately led to the dog being put down. It is unlikely that pets can infect humans, but families who contract the virus should take steps to ensure that their cat or dog does not get sick from a Covid-positive human. Dr. Boyd Parr, state veterinarian and director of Clemson Livestock Poultry Health (LPH)

“Based on current knowledge, there continues to be no evidence that pets play a significant role in spreading SARS-CoV-2 to people,” Parr said. “It remains a good idea to restrict contact with your pets and other animals, just like you do with other people, if you are infected with COVID-19 in order to protect them from exposure to the virus.”

The dog was the first animal in the state to test positive for Covid-19.

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