Dog rescued from death row just thwarted a burglary

A former shelter dog, saved from death row in Texas, just returned the favor to his adoptive owner, Mark Slepian. Enzo, a massive Neapolitan Mastiff, quite literally took a bite out of crime when an intruder tried to access his Ramsey, New Jersey home a few days ago.

Earlier this week, Slepian posted photos on Facebook showing the intruder’s blood splatter on his walls and wrote:

To any amateur burglar looking for a quick score…make sure you don’t hit a house where a Neo Mastiff lives or you’ll end up like this poor bastard…and no, that’s not Enzo’s blood…that’s my boy….

No one knows who made the mistake of trying to enter Slepian’s home, but that person is likely sporting a decent dog bite as a result. The authorities think that the would-be burglar likely required medical treatment, but no reports have been received about someone seeking care for a dog bite…yet.

As reported by ABC News, Enzo is typically a pretty mild-mannered dog…but don’t try to break into his house! Good boy Enzo.

(Screenshot of Enzo via ABC News)

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