Dog rescued one day before being euthanized is now senior living facility ‘house dog’

A dog who was nearly euthanized at a rural animal shelter in Virginia is embarking on her new life as an official “house dog” at a senior living facility. The six-year-old mixed breed pooch is Journey and she was saved from an unthinkable fate by Knine Rescue, Inc. in Montgomery County, Maryland.

While Journey was attending an adoption event at Sunrise Senior Living Center in Silver Spring, staff became so smitten with the pup that they decided she needed to live at the facility with them. On Sunday, the senior living center shared the good news with Facebook fans:

Journey, a six-year-old pup, was just a day away from being euthanized at an overcrowded shelter before a nearby rescue organization saved her. We’re thrilled to share that Journey has been adopted by Sunrise of Chevy Chase, MD! Journey will now spend her days playing and receiving belly rubs from residents and team members. Welcome to the Sunrise family!

As reported by NBC News, Journey’s “work” at the facility entails providing comfort to residents in need of company, greeting, and going for walks with participants of the walking club.

Enjoy your new life Journey!

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