Dog saved from house fire but his family never came to get him afterwards

Recently, a German shepherd was rescued from a California house fire – thanks to fire fighters and animal control officers, the dog, dubbed Lenny, is alive, but after the house burned, Lenny’s family never came to get him from the animal control facility where he was taken.

Maria Dales, with the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, tells the Pet Rescue Report:

He resisted help from firefighters (fear) so Animal Control was called in to remove him from danger. Home was burned but no one went to claim Lenny from the shelter.

She added that he is a “Sweet boy, who doesn’t like a lot of commotion.”

Lenny made it out of the animal control agency thanks to efforts by volunteers with the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County – but the non-profit group is feeling the pinch of an extra homeless dog.

Lenny (a name we gave him because we don’t know his real name) waited and waited, but his family never came for him. When GSROC heard about Lenny’s plight, we tightened our belts a little further to squeeze him into our rescue.

Boarding, vetting and food is expensive and the rescue group is hopeful that dog lovers will step up to help them take on this dog, who was cast aside by his family. You can lend the group a hand by making a donation at this link.

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