Dog survived cruelty situation, now at risk at busy animal control

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Years ago, Campeon was adopted from the Miami Dade Animal Services facility in Florida. His new owner did not treat him well – in fact, Campeon was left outside in a small cage, without shelter from the sun, rain, or wind.

Rescue Me Miami shares a particularly heartbreaking story of the neglect this dog endured:

I would sit in the rain during storms with no cover over my crate. They would take me out for 10 min twice a day and put me on a short chain. After a hurricane, I was found in a trash can where they left me tied to a tree.

Finally, Campeon’s owner decided that he was too much of a burden and surrendered him back to the same shelter where he originally was adopted from. Now, Campeon needs a miracle – the Miami Dade animal services facility may be safe in the short term…but owner surrendered dogs are first to go when space becomes an issue. Already, Campeon has been at the facility since November.

Saving Campeon

Will you please take a moment to help save this neglected dog’s life? He deserves to know what true kindness is. Find Campeon’s Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Miami-Dade Animal Services at (305) 884-1101
Ask for information about animal ID number A1587917

Located at
Miami Dade animal service
3599 NW. 79th Ave.
Miami – Doral Florida
305–884–1101 or 311
Email –

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