Dog survives 45 days after he fell from 550 ft cliff

A dog who fell from a 550 feet cliff miraculously survived 45 days after he slipped out of his leash in Eype, Dorset to chase sheep. Somehow the spunky pooch, despite breaking his leg and losing half of his weight managed to get off of the ledge when he was spotted by a vacationer and rescued.

According to BBCNews, Shadow, the 18-month-old Sharpei had been feared dead or stolen by his owners, Amber and Wayne Whiting after they tirelessly searched for the pooch along with friends and the Coastguard on May 9. When the tourist found Shadow, she called the RSPCA who were able to identify the dog and his family through a microchip.

Shadow’s veterinarian believes the dog had been trapped, but finally managed to get to the bottom of the cliff where he ate anything he could find.

“He seems to have eaten anything he could. He’s had stones, sticks and seaweed removed from his stomach. It’s a miracle to see how he has survived and how he’s getting stronger all t he time,” Amber stated.

Shadow’s left rear leg broke and his weight dropped from 50 pounds to 24 pounds. He will need more surgery and is being kept at the veterinarian hospital to help the dog gain weight.

“Shadow’s reaction to them [his owners] was amazing,” RSPCA inspector Ken Snook said, “and proves beyond doubt the bond between dogs and owners.”

Check out one of his videos as he is reunited with the children:

If you'd have told me last week, I'd be booking tv appearances, having news reporters fighting over our exclusive story and live radio chats for Shadow. I honestly would have booked myself into the doctors!! Today my baby is looking good!

Posted by Amber Whiting on Friday, June 28, 2019

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with Shadow’s medical bills.

Shadow is expected to make a full recovery.

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