Dog waited on old mattress along deserted South Texas road for owner to return

Stray dogs abandoned along South Texas roads near the Mexican border have tragically become too common. On the outskirts of rural communities, where dogs are often neglected and cast away because their owners no longer care for them, the dogs scavenge for food and live in danger of being run over or attacked by wild animals.

On Sunday, a Good Samaritan driving in the area, spotted a dog in desperate need of help, and instead of driving by, she stopped and took action.

The dog appears pregnant or an unknown condition could be threatening her life. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were called upon to help, and have made arrangements to transport the dog to the nearest veterinarian for emergency medical care.

Today, the abandoned dog left waiting on an old discarded mattress – possibly for her owner to return, has a new chance at life. She has been named Bell, and her days of suffering and being frightened are over.

Updates to follow.

To donate to Bell’s veterinary expenses:


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