Dog walks 60 miles back to her old home

In a real life version of Homeward Bound, a four-year-old dog walked nearly 60 miles back to her old home in Lawson, Missouri. Cleo, a yellow Labrador retriever, disappeared from her home in Olathe, Kansas, and turned up on the front porch of her old home in Lawson a week later.

As reported by the New York Post, the family was a bit startled to see an unfamiliar dog on their porch, and when they had her scanned for a microchip, they discovered that the information traced back to the name of a family who lived in the house two years before.

Cleo’s owners had posted about their dog’s disappearance a week earlier on Facebook. A member of her family said, “It’s the most bizarre story. Really, she’s everything to us and to my mother.”

Nobody is sure how or why Cleo decided to make the long trek, but she did – and now she is back home. Well, back to her “newer” home.

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