Dog wandered to neighbor’s home to rest and then surrendered by owner

In Westbury, New York, a nine-year-old dog named Snapple found himself lost on Saturday evening. He was hot and exhausted. All alone and unsure of his way back home, he decided to rest at a neighbor’s home on Pin Oak Lane. Concerned citizens cared for Snapple until he was able to be transported to the Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter.

Shelter employees were able to track down Snapple’s owner by way of the dog’s microchip, however his story becomes sadder when he was surrendered at the same time.

“The owner is a flight attendant and the elderly grandmother can no longer care for him. He was surrendered. Hopefully he will be adopted to someone that will give him the attention he needs and proper medical and exercise,” Snapple’s advocate posted on social media.

If you live in the Port Washington area of New York and want to foster or adopt this heartbroken little fellow, please contact the shelter:


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