Dog, who just had leg amputated, slipped away from vet tech and needs to be found

Two days ago (March 3) a dog named Otto had one of his legs amputated at a veterinary hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Tragically, as he was being brought back out to his family to go home, he managed to slip away from a vet tech and now he is missing.

Otto is critically in need of antibiotics and care after the major surgery he just underwent, and he must be found as soon as possible. A social media post made on Friday reads:

He will be in a Lot of pain fairly soon and scared. Please don’t chase. He will likely run.

On Saturday, the most recent information and sighting was posted:

INFO: We have received several inquiries about where Otto was last seen. He went missing on 3/3/21 at 4:45pm and ran toward a construction site. There was second-hand info that he might have been seen at the Via stop at the Walmart on 1604 E on 3/3/21 but it was not confirmed. He was definitely last seen at 6 am yesterday 3/5/21 by landscapers behind Blue Pearl Vet(see map attached).

With more information about what has been done, and what to do if Otto is spotted:

There are traps near the construction site and near the green belt by Blue Pearl with family clothing and scent items he will recognize. Several volunteers have walked the green belt from Huebner to Hardy Oak and Sonterra.

We don’t want anyone to yell his name. Please call me, Marcela Medina at 210-247-8393 real-time please don’t post or wait to call if you see him.

If you live in this area, please be on the lookout for Otto. He must be found as soon as possible.

(Images via Facebook)

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