Dog who recently had puppies found dumped in trash can

A dog, who recently had puppies, was found dumped in a trash container in Detroit, Michigan. As reported by Click on Detroit News, the abandoned dog was found on Monday near 7 Mile Road and the Southfield Freeway.

The news agency reports that the gray pit bull appears to be “uneasy,” and nobody knows where her puppies are. There are marks on the dog’s body indicating that she was kept chained – there is speculation that she was used for breeding and then dumped.

The Michigan Humane Society reached out to the public for help in a Facebook post, writing:

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Our investigators were alerted to this very skinny pup who was found in a garbage can. As you can see in the photos, she is very thin and sadly we have been unable to locate her puppies.


An investigation is underway in this cruelty case. Anyone with information about this dog, or the whereabouts of her puppies, is asked to reach out to the Michigan Humane Society at 313-872-3401.

(Screenshot via Click on Detroit)

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