Dog’s intake shelter photo showed she knew she was being left behind

Meet Princess; one look at her intake photo from the South Los Angeles Shelter and the look on her face said it all. She knew she was being owner surrendered on Sunday, and her broken heart was joined by hundreds of advocates who teared up with her, as Princess watched her humans leave the shelter without her. It’s as if Princess knew the devastating fate she would soon face. There is no mandatory holding time for owner surrendered dogs

The senior dog’s heartbreaking plight quickly traveled through social media. Princess’ horrendous skin infection and  dental disease would make her rescue expensive.  Leave No Paws Behind stepped forward to help as donations were pledged.

By Monday, volunteer Cathi Perez had Princess scooped up into her arms and on the way to Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic for a complete check-up.

Check out Princess already feeling better and eating:

“…Oh she is so sweet and grateful for her gift of life and love,” the organization wrote on their Facebook page Monday afternoon. “Princess has a horrendous skin infection and must have been so miserable. She also has a pretty hefty heart murmur, massive ear infection and of course, dental disease. In spite of it all she is so sweet, gentle, shy and loves you to sit with her on the floor and give her some loving.”


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