Dogs with ice on their fur rescued from record freeze by Texas authorities

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office rescued two dogs from record freezing temperatures in Texas on Monday morning. Deputies went out to the home on County Line Road and found that two dogs had been left outdoors with no protection from the extreme cold.

Animal advocates had been calling authorities since Thursday evening as temperatures began to plummet. The owner of the dogs had been notified, however apparently refused help since that time and left the dogs to collect ice on their bodies.

“Thank you VCSO of the compassion and pursuing animal cruelty charges against these people,” animal lovers posted on social media.

Shelter Pets of Victoria had previously been offering hay and other supplies to help pet owners, however the owners of these dogs allegedly decided to run over the hay with their truck and spread it on the driveway and the road.

“Just want praise Victoria County Sheriff’s Office for going out on County Line Rd and rescuing these poor fur babies. People have been trying to get them help since yesterday. Kaitlyn Ingram left hay and a note for the owners. The sorry piece of crap owners refused to use the hay, ran over it with his truck scattering it on the road…Hopefully VCSO will press charges on this man and our DA will take the case and make this man pay for the cruel treatment of these dogs!”

Please bring in your pets; if it’s too cold for you to stay outdoors, it is too cold for your pets.
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