Drunk man killed his dog for pooping inside

A Virginia man is accused of drinking 12 beers and then fatally shooting his dog for pooping in the house. As reported by the Winchester Star, 62-year-old Brian Andrew Laird shot his dog in the head with a 30-30 rifle after the dog pooped on the floor.

In the criminal complaint, Deputy Anthony R. Ament of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office stated:

Brian said he knew the gun was loaded. He fantasized about killing the dog, then pulled the trigger killing the dog instantly.”

The shooting happened in the early morning hours last Friday at a home in the 200 block of Pondview Lane. Laird initially told the police that he accidentally killed the dog, but later confessed that he knew the gun was loaded when he fired it at his dog’s head. The man also told the responding officer that he had consumed approximately 12 beers before killing the dog.

Laird is charged with cruelty to animals, maiming or killing an animal and reckless handling of a firearm. He is due in court on July 24.

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