Dying dog has one Christmas wish – a fospice home where he will be loved

A dying dog, stricken with two types of cancer, has just one Christmas wish…to find and secure a fospice (foster/hospice) home where he will be loved for the rest of his life. On November 30, a heartbreaking note, from the dog’s perspective, was posted to Facebook:

Dear Santa,

I only have one Wish for Christmas. Can you find me a FOSPICE family and a home. I’ve been a very good boy, all I’ve known is being in a kennel and some nice folks taking care of me, they even let me give them lots of kisses. I see my brothers and sisters get lucky enough and find a family and never come back. All I wish is to have a family and a home to call my own.

Despite the sad posting, the dog, named Donovan, remains at the kennel – alone.

Donovan doesn’t have much time left – he needs to spend what remains of his life in the company of people, in the comfort of a home. You can help Donovan by sharing this article.


Rescue organization: Pets and Vets USA
Phone number: 630-425-0000
Website: petsandvetsusa.com
Contact person: Peter Thomas


25W571 Lake St.
Roselle, IL 60172

Note: Donovan can be “dog selective.” The rescue group will cover Donovan’s expenses. Please reach out to the rescue group directly with all questions and offers to help. Thank you!

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