Dying dog rescued from ditch shows strong will to live

A dying dog, rescued from a ditch in South Carolina, is showing a remarkably strong will to live. On Tuesday, the Charleston Animal Society introduced Facebook followers to Jack:

In all of my years posting about animal cruelty cases involving starved and abused animals, their will to live and unconditional love never ceases to amaze me.

According to the animal welfare agency, Jack was brought to the shelter five days ago – he had been trapped in a ditch and he was “slowly dying.” The shelter writes:

His body was so weak from starvation that it had begun breaking down his muscles to use as nutrients to survive. When he was picked up out of that ditch by Animal Control and rushed to the shelter he could not stand on his own.

While being assessed and provided with life-saving care, Jack let his care providers know that he wanted to live. The shelter writes:

To their surprise, he felt good enough to raise his head and wag his tail! Our team was encouraged by his will to live.

If Jack continues to improve, he will be moved to a medical foster home where he can continue his road to recovery. You can donate towards Jack’s care at this link.

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