Elderly dog finally gets adopted after 11 years at shelter

For more than a decade, a dog named Wiggles went through life without a family of her own. The now 14-year-old dog has finally shaken off the homeless blues and has a real home that isn’t at a shelter.

The Illinois-based animal welfare agency, 5A’s Animal Shelter, was still trying to find Wiggles a home in December, writing of the difficulties she faced:

Wiggles would like her wish to come true!
She has been with us since she was young. Now she’s a senior with a benign tumor that never gets a second look. She’s a happy girl that would like to live the rest of her days in a home.

As reported by KCRA News, Wiggles’ happily-ever-after happened this week. The hard-to-place pooch is with a Missouri couple described as “perfect” for her. Karla Crane, a trainer for the shelter, said:

“We couldn’t ask for anybody better.”

Enjoy your family Wiggles!

(Image via Facebook)

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