Elusive street-smart pup captured after two years on the run

In Virginia Beach, Lucy the street smart pup who had managed to elude capture for the past two years, is now in the custody of Virginia Beach Animal Control. It seems that Lucy preferred the handouts from strangers rather than being collared and leashed after she escaped from her new home shortly after having been adopted.

According to the shelter, Lucy had been adopted by a family from a different rescue organization in December 2018. Within days she escaped and could not be found; she had not bonded with her new family at the time which made it even more difficult to capture her.

 “Lucy” had been consistently roaming stray around the Lynnhaven Road/Sabre Street intersection and had eluded a multitude of capture techniques used by Animal Control and other community groups. The hours of time spent trying to catch her have been appreciated and we are happy to report that “Lucy” was impounded by Animal Control on the morning of 12/14/20. She is reported to be overweight, but overall, in good health after a check up with the shelter veterinarian. She will stay at the shelter while her disposition is being determined by the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center.”

And so despite the treats, the toys and the gentle cajoling from animal advocates and rescuers, Lucy enjoyed her freedom – that is until Regina Quinn – who admitted she had been on a mission to catch the dog for the last three months since spotting her.

“If anybody is interested in how I got involved in this it started in June when I drove past the Lynnhaven Mall and I saw a dog outside on the side of the road Immediately stopped my car in the middle of the road and put my hazards on like I always do when I see an animal where it doesn’t belong on the roadway and jumped out of my car Lucy immediately scooted off and then I realized oh my gosh that’s Lynnhaven Lucy.”

Every night when Regina would walk her own dog, Brody, they would visit with Lucy. Finally they were able to bond with each other after a consistent routine until that great day came – Lucy was able to be captured.

After a physical examination by the shelter where Lucy has been reported to “overweight,” (one can only imagine the food she received from area residents on Thanksgiving) the dog had been deemed to be quite healthy.

Although she is not ready to be eligible for adoption yet, just give her some time, as she will need the time to transition from street pup to a confident dog who wants to be loved and cared for by her very own humans.

Many thanks to Regina – you are an angel no doubt.

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