Even an adorable fur mustache was not enough: Puppy abandoned in box

The Arizona Humane Society found an adorable puppy with unique fur coloring left by herself in a box. Even a natural mustache right under her nose wasn’t cute enough for her owner to keep her – instead the pup had been abandoned.

On February 28, the puppy, quickly to be named Ms. Mustachia, arrived at the shelter. The nine-week-old Boxer mix was healthy except for some minor fur loss.

After her five-day mandatory hold period, Ms. Mustachia was ready for a home since no one came to claim her. Once her photo hit social media, there was surely to be a line at the door. After all she was more than cute and had a sweet disposition.

This adorable 9-week-old Boxer puppy, appropriately named Ms. Mustachia, was abandoned in a box before being rescued by AHS. Despite the sad beginning to her story, Ms. Mustachia’s sweet ‘stache couldn’t help but cheer us up!..”

And so Ms. Mustachia has found her “furever” home, but there are so many others just waiting for the same “happily ever after” story. Please check out your nearest shelter, and before you make any decisions to buy a new best friend, please consider adopting.

If you have been following Pet Rescue Report, you have been reading about lost and abandoned pets almost daily. The Arizona Humane Society released the following statement:

“Any pet owner in need of help with their pets is encouraged to reach out to AHS’ Pet Resource Center (PRC), a group of dedicated individuals who provide resources and support to Valley pet owners. Last year, the PRC team fielded more than 81,000 calls and helped keep almost 6,000 pets out of the shelter and in their homes.”

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