Everyone loves the bonded dogs, but no one wants to adopt them

At the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri, a bonded pair will need to stay together and that makes finding a home for them a bit more challenging. Chance and Toby were originally found as strays and were adopted to a great home, but sadly life changed and the pair found themselves at the shelter.

Chance is a three-year-old American bulldog mix and is most likely deaf. He relies on his faithful companion Toby for help. Toby, a two-year-old shepherd likes to sing, but obviously doesn’t realize Chance cannot hear him. The two don’t do anything without each other. No one could bear the sadness if the two had to be separated.

“It seems like nobody wants Chance…but everybody loves Toby. This is true for Chance as well. He loves Toby and relies on him to guide him through life as he is deaf. They are absolutely inseparable. Toby and Chance need each other and they are going to stay together, no matter what. Please, take the time to give Chance some lovin’ and you’ll see why they’re both the missing pieces to your puzzle,” the organization posted on their Facebook page Sunday.
Share their story with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives and finds “happily ever after” homes for so many. Most of the time, it just takes people to pass along a story, and there she/he is … the answer to a dog(s) prayers.
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