Extreme hoarding – over 200 animals discovered at one Texas property

An extreme case of animal hoarding has been discovered at property in Katy, Texas. The Houston Humane Society helped rescue dozens of neglected animals from the residence on Friday. On Friday afternoon, the animal welfare agency stated:

We are now over 200 animals, and the circumstances are deteriorating the further into the home we go. We are finding extremely sick and injured animals, even deceased animals, throughout the home. Dogs, cats, fish, birds, ferrets, reptiles, none of them are safe from the horrific conditions.

ABC 13 News reports that the animals seized from the property include 97 dogs, 74 cats, 21 fish, 18 turtles, 5 rats and 4 ferrets. Houston Humane reports that the animals are in poor condition, writing:

All of the animals show severe signs of neglect. Many have been living in vile, rusted out caging and forced to live in their own filth and feces. They were found extremely malnourished, matted, soiled, and covered in parasites, many have urgent medical needs.

The situation was discovered after neighbors made complaints to officials. The homeowners have not been charged.

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