Family alleges security video showed UPS driver deliberately run over dog

In Rhea County, Tennessee, an investigation has been launched by the sheriff’s office after a UPS driver  allegedly ran over a family’s dog in Dayton on Monday. The disturbing incident, which has broken the family’s hearts, was caught on video.

According to Channel 9News, Nick and Renee Shipley noticed their Boxer named Jazzy lifeless on their driveway. Although they were home, they didn’t hear what happened outside, but their security camera caught the disturbing details.

Nick AndRenee Shipley

January 20 at 1:47 PM

“I’m going to start off by saying I’m not a fan of Facebook but to the person that came to my house today and ran over my dog and didn’t have the DECENCY to come and knock on my door and tell me. That’s real big of you.”

The video begins showing a different UPS driver coming up the driveway for the first time. Two of the three dogs can be seen barking and running towards the truck. At one point, the driver stops, opens the door and yells at the dogs – the dogs ran off. The driver then leaves, but four minutes later, he enters the driveway again – this time allegedly driving faster than before and doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the dogs at all. That is when the video shows the driver run over Jazzy.

According to Shipley, the driver backs up over Jazzy and stays there for 30 seconds; he then leaves.

At that point, the family had no idea what had happened and went out to see why another one of the dogs had not stopped barking. And there was Jazzy – lying lifeless on the driveway.

The family also states the driver never delivered a package to their home and when they called UPS, there were no scheduled deliveries for their address.

“When he came up the second time, he knew our dogs were there and it just shows, to us, that he purposely veered off to hit our dog because he was angry,” stated Shipley.

Initially a supervisor for UPS called it an accident, but when the family stated they had the entire distressing situation on video, an investigation has been underway. Rhea County Sheriff’s Office stated they are investigation and once they have procured more evidence will bring it to the District Attorney’s Office.

Rest in peace Jazzy.

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