Family gave up their dog because they are expecting a baby

A dog in Long Island, New York, is homeless after his family decided he had to go. The beagle, named Connor, was given up because the people he thought were his family decided that he couldn’t live at home anymore because they were expecting a baby.

Connor is now with the Long Road Home Rescue, which writes:

Connor lost his home😞

In anticipation of a new baby, Connor’s owners are rehoming him, and, honestly, we don’t think they deserve him! 4 years young, healthy Pedigree Beagle that loves people, and other dogs, deserves better. We had the chance to help him, so help him we did.

Connor deserves a family who treats him like family! Please help this sweet boy find a new home by sharing his adoption information.

Facebook thread here.

Note: All the dogs are in foster homes
Nassau County, New York to meet with any dog
Phone: (516) 459-3509

Website here.

Please contact the rescue group directly for all inquiries about this dog.

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