Family moved, surrendering 17-year-old dog to shelter

At 17-years of age, an elderly dog finds herself homeless after being surrendered by her family, who moved away. The sad situation was shared with followers of the Animal Haven shelter in New York. On Sunday, the animal welfare agency explained how “Betty” lost her family:

Betty lived with her previous owner for 17 years. She was surrendered to Animal Haven because they were moving soon and having a baby. With Betty’s sight and hearing deteriorating, she was getting difficult to care for.

Aside from normal age-related maladies, Betty is “in surprisingly good health for her age.”

The shelter hopes to mend Betty’s broken heart. The agency writes:

Betty has been completely uprooted from everything she’s ever known.💔We know that she is well into her golden years and we hope to find someone with an open heart to take this old gal in.


Although we do the very best to provide the best possible care for our animals, she deserves to live out the rest of her days in the comfort of a home. Please reach out to us directly at if you want to make the rest of Betty’s life the best it can be.

Note: Please contact Animal Haven directly for all inquiries about Betty.

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