Family returns 4-month-old puppy after DNA test showed him to be 25% pit bull

A four-month-old puppy who did nothing wrong and instead was a perfect little pooch, has been returned to the rescue organization on Thursday because his DNA testing revealed he was 25% American Staffordshire terrier.

“It was at this point I became an “Until Dog ….” I did nothing wrong, and instead was the perfect puppy, however, once my family realized my breed percentage they insisted that they could not have my breed in their home let alone in their presence,” the Home for Good Dog Rescue posted on their social media page.

And so here we are, and with the help from friends, family and social media contacts, we can help Dinki find the perfect home where he will be loved and cherished for his entire exciting life yet to come.

The four-month-old black and white dappled pooch weighs 22 pounds and will probably be large-sized once fully grown. His foster home describes him as playful, social and “oh-so-fun.” He loves animals and children alike, and will make a perfect family companion.

How about it? Who wants to make Dinki a part of their family?

To learn more about Dinki or Home for Good Dog’s adoption process, please visit

(Pet Rescue Report is not the contact point.) Additional information is available here:

(908) 598-8212

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