Family survives devastating fire thanks to their dog

A family in Savannah, Georgia, was able to escape from their burning home thanks to their devoted dog, Sammy. On Thursday, Savannah Fire and Rescue acknowledged the dog’s efforts to save her family from the devastating blaze, writing:

Sammy, one of the household pets, alerted the 5 people inside to the fire raging at the rear of the home. They all escaped unharmed.

Though Sammy’s persistent barking successfully alerted her humans, there were other pets in the household that did not make it out alive. The fire agency stated:

Another dog and two cats did not survive.

The fire agency has reported that the fire was likely started by a deep freezer located in the rear of the home.

Savannah Fire and Rescue reminds everyone to check the batteries in their smoke detectors. It is imperative to have working smoke detectors in all areas of residences.

Good job Sammy.

(Image via Facebook)

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