Family’s pup needs emergency surgery, but may have to be put down if funds can’t be raised

Update: Enough donations were received to pay for Zeus’ surgery! He is home and recuperating thanks to your kindness. Thank you!

A Puyallup, Washington, family’s puppy is in the fight for his life after eating something (suspected to be a rock) that is blocking his lower intestine. The six-month-old Doberman Pinscher, Zeus, is currently at the Animal Clinic of Benson in Kent, but his owner, Yolanda, doesn’t have enough money to pay for emergency surgery.

Yolanda tells the Pet Rescue Report:

The day before yesterday he stopped eating and was drink very minimal, called the vet and they said if it continues within 24 hrs to bring him in. I brought him in this morning, X-rays shows an object (looks like a rock maybe) lodged in his lower intestine. He’s currently at the animal clinic of Benson on fluids awaiting surgery. He can’t keep anything down!

Earlier today, Yolanda had turned to social media in desperation, writing:

Total is around 2k. Can anyone help my pup and me out? He’s 6 mo old. He’s currently at the animal clinic of Benson in Kent, Washington. I am able to come up with 1200$ but I’m 800$ short. Payments can be made directly to the clinic. If anyone can please help my pup!! I got denied for care credit and can’t find any help!!

A short time ago, she said that she has been calling everywhere for help – but she is coming up empty-handed. Without the funds, Zeus will not get the surgery he needs and he will be euthanized to end his suffering.

Something has to be done to save Zeus’ life – he can’t be lost over $800. Time is of the essence – you can donate at this link to Facebook, or by calling the veterinary clinic directly and indicating that the funds are for Zeus emergency surgery (owner’s name Yolanda Niz)

Veterinary phone number: 253-852-6330

Yolanda told the Pet Rescue Report that Zeus, “loves his little humans (my kids) any help to save my boy’s life will be greatly appreciated!”

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