Final plea – 310 days of no interest and no applications for increasingly depressed dog

For 310 days, a dog named Kane has waited for someone, anyone, to notice of him. But in the days, weeks, and months that have passed – not one person has shown any sign of interest in this shelter dog, and the rejection and confinement is taking its toll.

On Monday morning, the South Bend Animal Resource Center issued one final plea on the homeless dog’s behalf, writing:

Day 310.
Still no visits, still no applications, and he is losing hope.
Kane is our longest resident here at the shelter. He came from a life outside in the cold and heat, defending himself from the world. And as his days increase, his life and hope are depleting.

Advising that this is the final plea on the deteriorating dog:

Kane is suffering, mentally and now physically. Road trips are short, but relaxing. But it isn’t enough. The longer he resides here, in his head, he begins to feel trapped as he was for years.
We love Kane and try to show him life is beautiful, but with no adoption nor rescue, how can he hold onto this thought… It tears at our hearts to see him ache for a home inside.
This is our final plea.

And describing his ideal home:

If you are wanting a single senior to love and spoil, to understand his fears and behaviors, at least come visit him. Give him a chance to show he is a good boy.
Ideal home: Only pet, adults in home, patience, understanding, and love.
His adoption fee is covered. He is fixed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm negative.

Saving Kane

Kane can’t continue to live like this…make that exist like this. Please help Kane by sharing his story!

Email interest and/or questions to:

Phone: (574) 235-9303

Address: 521 Eclipse Pl South Bend, IN 46628

Facebook page here.

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