Fire station goes to the dogs during county animal shelter closure

A Florida fire station has literally gone to the dogs. As reported by the Chronicle Online, an empty fire house on S. Pleasant Grove Road, outside of Inverness, is serving as a temporary shelter for homeless dogs while the Citrus County Animal Services facility is shut down.

An outbreak of a highly contagious upper respiratory disease forced the animal services facility to close down in late June, reports Bay 9 News. Nobody is sure when the facility will reopen, but incoming stray dogs have a place to stay until it is safe thanks to the empty fire house which has been reconfigured to house the dogs.

With the help of air-conditioning and large fans, the dogs staying at the fire station are able to stay cool. Shelter operations supervisor Crystal Wallace tells the news agency, “Normally it’s a garage for the fire department. It’s much cooler with the doors down.”

The fire station isn’t merely a holding shelter – it is open and operating like the actual animal shelter for adoptions (10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday). Residents can find the firehouse shelter at: 9658 S. Pleasant Grove Road.

Find the adoption page for the shelter on Facebook at this link.

(Images via Facebook)

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