Firefighters rescue dog in Bahamas trapped in rubble after hurricane

No one knows how long a frightened dog had been trapped in rubble in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian, but thanks to Florida’s Gainesville Fire Rescue, another survivor can be marked as “safe.”

The Gainesville Fire Rescue posted the video of the dog’s rescue at Central Abaco on their Facebook page. Workers can be seen lifting up the side of a collapsed wall and moving the debris to get at the dog. Just moments later, one of the firefighters lifts the bulldog out of the building and carries him to safety.

“What went into saving the pup? Check out this great video 🐕 For the many inquiring minds, our crew took care of the dog at their base camp until they had to leave to come home yesterday. At that point, care was handed over to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). One of our crew members is currently pursuing official adoption the pup and working to get it stateside.”

And one more reason out of the millions of wonderful rescue accomplishments we love our firemen. Great job guys.

(Photos via Instagram)

Check out the video:

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