Five orphaned coyote pups are on the mend

In Chelmsford, Massachusetts, five orphaned coyote pups are on the mend after having been found in the bushes near a shed on Saturday.

According to the Newhouse Wildlife Rescue of Chelmsford, the puppies were crying out for their mother and when discovered were shivering, thin and dehydrated. When found one of the pups was in critical condition.

“We weren’t sure he would make it when we first pulled him out from under a shed in Chelmsford. He was barely responsive and ice cold, but he was clearly determined to survive and just needed some help. It was well worth the lost night of sleep!,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

The pups have now been transferred to Berkshire Wildlife Services where 50 acres of land are available for rehabilitation of wildlife.

Coyotes play a crucial role in the environment and help to maintain a diversity of species and a healthy ecosystems. Coyotes regulate mesocarnivore populations, which includes foxes, raccoons, opossums and skunks.

Congratulations to all on your amazing work.

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