Five-week-old puppy dumped alongside of road left crying and dying

Along the vast dumping grounds in South Texas, where no homes can be seen for miles and miles, an especially astute animal control officer found a five-week-old puppy left along the side of the road on Friday. The weather had been rainy and cold; the tiny four-pound puppy had been sick and dying. He screamed in pain and utter fear when touched; a soiled cardboard box was found less than 15 yards from this tiny victim of abuse and neglect.

Dallas Dog Rescue.Rehab.Reform stepped forward to help.

“He was sick and dying, wet, covered with mange, completely infected skin, ulcer in his eye, and barely 5 weeks old,” the non-profit animal rescue organization wrote on their social media page below the heartbreaking photos taken of the puppy.

How do you pick up a animal, carry them to your car drive off knowing you have NO intentions of being them back with you! That you fully intend to drop and go!!
What does through your mind are you sad for at least a moment, do you think about it every again, do they pop up in your dreams and do you ever feel that pit of guilt in your stomach just wondering about whether he is alive or dead?”

The puppy was rushed to the organization’s emergency veterinarian hospital where he was diagnosed as being hypothermic, malnourished with infected skin. In addition, he had an ulcerated eye, ascites [buildup of fluid in his abdomen] and had been left to suffer and die.

Many thanks to the ACO who goes up and beyond to search the known dumping ground. This officer is changing this world piece by piece.

Updates to follow.
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