‘Floored and heartbroken’ Roxy needs a chance to be loved even for a little while

At the Riverside County Animal Shelter in California, Roxy’s advocate is “floored, heartbroken and frustrated.” No one has offered to help the senior Boxer mix, even though she is the “quintessential shelter pup – broken but incredibly beautiful.”

“Roxy is a very sick dog. She’s got a really bad heart. But her fragility makes her more lovely,” Laura Garrick wrote on her social media page. “Roxy deserves a chance. A chance to know the best humankind can offer. Not the worst…”

Roxy needs a long term foster or fospice. Her life likely has been very rough, but now her life is on borrowed time. No one wants her to die alone in a shelter.

Here is her story:

“Oh, Roxy, we were certain someone would have saved you by now. It breaks our hearts looking into your old, soulful eyes knowing how over looked you are. You are the epitome of what a rescue dog is. You have a grade 4/6 left sided apical heart murmur. Your murmur is so loud, vet staff said they could hear it in the noisy kennel environment. You are a petite 48lbs, your nose is so dry, it’s cracking & your skin has seen better days. You have a few masses & bumps throughout you body & we can tell you likely had a rough life but you know what? YOU STILL SHINE!”

And there’s more to tell about this sweet senior:

“You’re still happy for visitors. We will keep fighting for you Roxy. We know somebody else will eventually see what we see. Roxy status YELLOW & has been at the shelter nearly 1 month. Please share this deserving girl for reputable rescue or adopter.

I am a spayed female, tan and white Boxer mix. The shelter staff think I am about 9 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jun 17, 2020.”

Email : shelterinfo@rivco.org
Phone : 951-358-7387
Rescue desk: 951-358-7302

Shelter address : 6851 Van Buren Boulevard
Riverside, California 92509
Monday – Saturday 11am-5pm

UPDATE: While writing Roxy’s story, Lisa Arturo – founder of Big Love Animal Rescue, has stepped forward to help. Sharing saves lives. Updated photos coming soon. 

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