‘Fospice’ home needed for 14 year old blind dog left homeless after death of owners

A Florida rescue agency is hoping to find a “fospice” (hospice foster) home for an elderly, blind dog who was left homeless when her human parents died. On Sunday morning, the Florida Poodle Rescue posted a photo of 14-year-old Paris, writing:

She is 14yrs, diabetic and can’t see. Both her parents died and she has been at her vet’s office in this cage since September.

Explaining that the senior dog will be put down if a foster home cannot be found:

She is in Jacksonville and scheduled for euthanasia if no one takes her before the new year.

According to the rescue agency, help is available for support of Paris if a foster home can be found:

She may be a Hospice dog if no one adopts her. If so, we would pay all her medical expenses. We can get her to the Tampa, St. Petersburg area if anyone there is available.

You can find the rescue group’s Facebook page here.

Rescue phone: (727) 265-1766

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