Frightened Chihuahua in need of someone she can trust

A frightened Chihuahua needs help. Currently at the Denville Animal Shelter in Denville, New Jersey, the volunteers posted a heartbreaking video asking for help. Her name is Athena; she loves her bed and her toys – not so much for humans.

Check out the video:

Athena will need to go to an experienced person. According to Friends of the Denville Animal Shelter, this little one would be a flight risk; therefore it is imperative she receive expert handling and care. She is not aggressive, and while cuddled with her advocate was very comfortable, but as soon as she was returned to her shelter cage, started to shake again.

Athena does fine with other dogs, but there should be no children in the home at this time. It is not known why she is so afraid of humans, but with patience and love, it is hoped this little one will be able to trust again.

If you feel you qualify to foster this dog, call 973.627.4900 ext.5.  Follow Athena’s plight on Facebook here.

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