Frightened dog on shelter’s euthanasia list spared at very last moment

Meet Tonya; this young puppy had been at a local shelter near Dallas, Texas and was scheduled to be euthanized because of overcrowded conditions. In addition, shelter staff stated Tonya was scared and had shut down because she could not adapt to living in a shelter cage.

Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform rescued Tonya just in time. Sadly, her story is not unique.

“I am not sure what made me go into her kennel, the coordinator said she is always looking for a way to escape and she is uptight and NOT relaxed, sometimes that is a death sentence in a shelter,” Tonya’s rescuer said.

And so Dallas Dog -Rescue. Rehab.Reform, who leans towards the underdog and one that others wouldn’t touch, a careful introduction began.

“I cracked the door to her kennel and she looked straight up. I decided to go in. I needed to give her a chance. I went in and she was leary (sic) but I went down to her level and slowly put my hand out. It did not take long …she rolled over on her back and let me rub her belly, afterwards she sat and stared at me.”

Tonya’s rescuer put the dog’s face in her hands and softly reassured the puppy everything would be fine. Tonya stared back.

“I knew at that moment I could not walk away without saving her.”

And in a blink Tonya was safe.

“How can I walk away after making that connection knowing that is her last moment, she is a baby just 7-8 months old. ..Welcome Tanya you have stolen my heart.”

To help rescue more dogs just like Tonya,

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Dallas DogRRR
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