Garbage truck picks up man sleeping in dumpster with his puppy

A man and his puppy are lucky to be alive after being picked up by a garbage truck in Provo, Utah. The 43-year-old man had been sleeping in a dumpster near 2100 S. 950 E. when the garbage truck picked it up and began to crush the contents.

The Provo Police Department recounted the terrifying incident, which took place early Tuesday morning:

A garbage truck collected and compacted the contents of the dumpster including the man and his dog. The vehicle’s operator heard the man call for help and stopped the machine.

The man and his pup were pulled to safety – amazingly, the man suffered only minor injuries and his pup escaped unscathed. As reported by the New York Post, the puppy has been taken to an area shelter for care. According to the police department, the man has five days to retrieve the pup or it will be placed up for adoption.

(Image via Facebook/Provo Police Department)

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