German shepherd who served as police K9 for six years about to be dumped at shelter

In a heartbreaking situation, an eight-year-old German shepherd named Sampson was about to be surrendered to an animal shelter in the south. And it’s not as if all loyal dogs dumped at shelters aren’t back bearing, heartless moves because their previous owners felt these special pups were too old, but in this situation, Sampson had been a K9 police officer for six years.

“Sampson is as loyal as they come, well trained, affectionate, smart, I can just go on and on about him,” wrote a volunteer from the animal rescue organization Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs on their social media page. “Now that he is 8 years old, and is a senior, his handler has no more use for him – so he was going to turn him into a municipal shelter, which is pretty high-kill, especially for the seniors.”

And it’s not as if Sampson had a hard time getting along with people or other dogs after his retirement. He lived in a home with a younger Labrador retriever as well as a cat and did excellent with both of them.

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs stepped in and are helping Sampson find the respect and love he deserves. Yes, he has some arthritis in his back end, but he gets along just fine. He will be receiving laser treatments, Adequan injections and supplements.

There is currently a family who wants to adopt him, and helping Sampson live the best life he can, will bring a smile to everyone’s heart.

To help us with getting Sampson the vet care he needs, go to


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