Gorgeous shepherd with unique legs puzzles rescuers at city shelter

Two photos of a gorgeous German shepherd appeared on social media this weekend, posted by the Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento. Rescuers asked their followers on Facebook for their opinions.

“We saw her face and thought, “German Shepherd, obviously.” Then we looked down. Any ideas?”

And as is true for nearly every conversation on social media, lots of opinions, lots of pictures and in this case, mostly positive comments regarding the dog’s appearance. First there were shepherd – corgi considerations. Then came shepherd-basset hound mix, dachshund-shepherd  mix as well as those who think she could be a pure bred German shepherd (look at her face) suffering from dwarfism.

Everyone does agree however, this girl needs a loving family if her owner does not show up at the shelter.

Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento

“She’s currently on foster care on stray hold (waiting to see if an owner comes forward). If not, she should be appearing on our “adoptable dogs in foster care” page in the coming days: http://www.cityofsacramento.org/…/Adoptions/Adopt-A-Dog.”

Watch out for her adoption listing if her owner does not come forward. Check out the other pets ready for their new homes. Share their pictures and share their stories. Sharing does help find homes for these deserving pets.

2127 Front St
Sacramento, CA 95818


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