Grateful dog rescued from deep ditch shows her appreciation

In Fort Lupton, Colorado, a grateful dog rescued from a seven-foot deep irrigation ditch on Saturday showed her appreciation with some wet kisses carefully aimed at the firefighter’s cheek and lips. The firefighters of the Fort Lipton Fire Protection District were her heroes.

The incident occurred in the 9600 block of WCR 23.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, Captain Walt Adams and two other brave firemen were able to hoist the dog out of ditch. She was cold but was not injured.

It is not known how she landed in the ditch, nor who or where her owner is, but details will soon be worked out. Meanwhile we have one happy, safe pooch and three adorable firemen at the scene where everyone is safe.

We just always want to make sure we call our heroes out and remind everyone how these selfless individuals are here to help us as well as our four-legged friends. You are the greatest!

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