Great Dane is big and beautiful and needs someone to love

At the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in California, a Great Dane named Mister has been hanging around waiting for someone new to love. He has been at the shelter since Wednesday, is four-years-old, gray and white and of course quite the stunning-looking pooch.

Let’s begin with Mister telling his own story:

“Hi there, thanks for taking a look at me! Don’t let my size fool you. I am as gentle as can be. I am a bit nervous at first and take some time getting used to new people but it takes really quick!.”

The staff at the shelter says Mister walks well on the leash, however when he speed walks with those long legs, it may seem like he’s pulling. He also seems uncomfortable with “any over the head movement” but he tolerates all handling.

“Only because I’m unsure of how to feel! I will let you know by tucking my tail a bit and freezing, it’s clear signs…,” Mister continued.

Although he doesn’t seem to have much interest in playing with his handlers, Mister loves to chase tennis balls and doesn’t mind sharing them. He knows his commands – sit and shake (both paws mind you). He does object, however to sharing his rawhide, so a trade-off with some food will work quite well.

[He loves to chase a ball and appears to be dog-friendly; he may have some resource guarding with treats.]

“I also met a dog here, obviously much smaller than me but we met very respectfully! Overall I’m looking for a home who will understand my size and be able to handle my size! I hope to meet you soon.”

PetHarbor adoption listing.A222052

Located At : Chula Vista Animal Care Facility
Description : My name is MISTER.
I am a male, gray and white Great Dane.
Age : The shelter staff think I am about 4 years old.
More Info : I have been at the shelter since May 06, 2020..

Location : Chula Vista Animal Care Facility
Website :
Phone Number : (619) 691-5123
Address : 130 Beyer Way
Chula Vista, CA 91911

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